Nabaztag as a MPCB (Music Playback Control Bunny)

Posted on Friday, August 6th, 2010 at 12:53 am in

Listen to music on a computer is quite nice. Specially with a new JBL Creature III Sound System J But how to Stop/Start the playback in a cool way? I mean, just to click Play/Stop is so “old-fashion”.

Puh, I though it’s time for a new purpose of my Nabaztag-Bunnies. So I’ve solved this problem with the following steps. You can see the result at:

First and the most important part: Winamp. Furthermore I need something to easily access the controls of it. So I’ve found a very cool plugin called Winamp Web Interface (v.7.5.10).

This minimalistic web interface is also cool on the Mobile. Tested it with HTC HD Mini and HTC Touch Diamond (Win Mobile 6.5 and Win Mobile 6.1) J

But it isn’t useable for Nabaztag L

So first I started to write a small PHP Script which parses the output of the ‘original’ Web Interface and provide me a smaller and easier view. OK, I have not the full functionality, but because I can control it with GET-Requests it’s easier to handle with Nabaztag.

So, I have included also a small logic which queries the current status and if the playback is stopped it will be started and vice versa. So it’s possible to use the same URL for Nabaztag, because there I can use configure a simple URL where it will execute a GET on it.

So basically when a Nano:ztag (the little Bunnies) come in the near of the real Nabaztag’s it’s sending a GET-Request to the above URL with a parameter. If this parameter is specified I send a GET from PHP to the Winamp-Webserver, parse the Output and so I’ll find out which is the current state. And whatever state it is, I make a new GET to the Winamp-Webserver with the opposite task 😉

So all in all quite simple J

I’ll attach the PHP-Script later on. But I think I should rewrite it. Currently it’s not a nice coding style 😉

So let the force be with you J


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